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Personal Training at Gymea Bay Fitness
At Gymea Bay Fitness it's our simple approach to Personal Training that makes it easy for you to get started and start getting the results you want!
Everyone has their own reason for using Personal Training, be it weight loss, enhancing one's general health & fitness or to train for a specific sporting or personal event.
Working with a Personal Trainer, especially for those of us who are new to exercise, makes the process of getting fit easier, safer and a lot more fun.
Whatever your fitness goals are the Gymea Bay Fitness Personal Training team are ready to help you reach them simply and efficiently.
Top 5 reasons for working with a Personal Trainer:
More people decide to invest in Personal Training for motivation over every other reason. It is about staying motivated and on track to feeling and being healthier. Our Personal Trainers provide unparalleled motivation. They help you move past self-imposed limitations, stimulate a feeling of accomplishment in you, and help you achieve goals that you never thought possible.
Studies have clearly shown that people who work with a Personal Trainer will achieve up to 80% better results three times faster than on their own. Personal Training is just that – personal! Every session is unique to your body type, needs, goals and the time frame in which you wish to achieve your results. These pre-planned workouts increase time efficiency.
Personal Trainers ensure that you exercise safely to prevent injury. Based on your individual health, they will fashion your workouts to help prevent or even alleviate health problems. Why do you take your vehicle to a mechanic? Because you trust them as a professional trained to do the job right. Think of your body like your vehicle and your Personal Trainer like your mechanic. You are worth the investment!
A Personal Trainer makes it easier for you to exercise consistently and helps you stay committed to your program. When you have a scheduled appointment and a smiling face waiting for you at the gym, you are a lot less likely to skip a workout.
Our Personal Training Easy Payment Plan makes Personal Training affordable for any budget. Choose a customized payment plan to meet your financial needs. See a Personal Trainer for details.      
Types of Personal Training available to members and non-members
One-on-one sessions
One-on-One sessions are the most popular type of training. Our members find this approach gives them maximum results. Your Personal Trainer will lay out with you your fitness needs, goals and the time frame in which you would like to achieve these goals, your interests and any barriers to achieving your aspirations. Your Personal Trainer will use this information to customize a program especially for you.
Group sessions
Training with friends is a hot new fitness trend! GBF Personal Trainers can offer training for groups of two to six people with similar fitness goals. It is socially fun, affordable and incredibly motivating! Your Personal Trainer can modify a one-on-one program for the group or customize program based on the group's goals. See a Personal Trainer for details.     © Gymea Bay Fitness
Call GBF on 9525 2525 or click on this link to find out more on how to achieve your fitness goals fast!
 One-on-One Training
Personal Training Group Session
Personal Training Group Session.